joi, 15 decembrie 2011

YF-Youth & Future - a project of soul

YF-Youth & Future Association is a nonprofit organization, whose motto is “There is no I can’t, only I don’t want”, is formed by a young and dynamic team, which include academics and students.
  Association, which developed at the initiative of academics Carmen Nicolescu and Daniel Rosu, aims to develop a harmonious personality by integrating young people in modern society through cultural engagement activities by promoting tourism and sport, and not least by bringing awareness of young people in the twenty-first century society that self-education, physical and mental preparation, stimulate interest in contemporary art and culture are not only "wooden language", but facts that can shape a personality harmonious, balanced and impressive without being ostentatious.
Over time Youth & Future has been involved both at home and abroad, the projects have focused on reading, religion, belief in freedom of choice and many more. The following posts will be described all these projects.

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