joi, 15 decembrie 2011

God for good

From September 28 to October 5, 2011, the team YF - Youth and Future youth participated in exchange for good God, held in Eger, Hungary.

The activities that took part, young people from Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria and the organizing country, Hungary tried to discover new things about each other, to join the group and to make new friends.
It is no surprise that many conflicts arise because of misunderstandings between people from different religious and cultural backgrounds, because a lot of prejudices and stereotypes circulating among young people who are not familiar with other religions and cultures.
The project objective was God for good cultural and religious barriers. To this end, presentations were made religions die each country, insisting on the impact religion has on people. For a better understanding of the characteristics of religion, young people staged representative moments: wedding (Bulgaria), Prayers (Turkey and Romania), moments of religious services - consecration of bread (Hungary).
During the project was also discussed youth participation in religious activities, as well as religious and cultural discrimination. This has pursued increased tolerance towards people of different cultural and religious backgrounds.
This youth exchange gave us the possibility to broaden the horizons in terms of how different religions have an impact on family and youth education.
In addition to these presentations, I took part in activities that have stimulated creativity. Among these should be mentioned making ceramic and glass paintings, works that were then donated to children in kindergarten from Sata.
Also to stimulate creativity, but also to work together, there were mixed groups, which had the task to create posters with messages against that young people have addictions: smoking, drugs, gambling. He created an interaction between the 24 young people involved in the project and high school students in Eger, which have posters were presented.
Finally spoke about future projects that will be involved in the 4 countries.

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