joi, 15 decembrie 2011


Our organization has approved and ongoing project under the program YOUTH IN ACTION - Action 1.1.: ALL TOGETHER FOR A BETTER WORLD / ALL TOGETHER FOR A BETTER WORLD, whose activities will take place between: 12/02/2011 - 30.04. 2012. Partners in this project are organizations in Turkey - Bolu, Italy - Palermo, Bulgaria, Portugal, Hungary, which will have five young participants aged between 13 and 25 years + 1 leader, invited to conduct non-formal education for a week at Pitesti, between 21-29.04.2012!
We invite all members of the organization and those who want to make a contribution, involvement in these activities, which have the main impact, a harmonious development of personality of each of the participants.

The project "ALL TOGETHER FOR A BETTER WORLD / ALL TOGETHER FOR A BETTER WORLD" has the main goal to Develop intercultural learning process and good skills for youngsters - the main priority for 2011 European Year. We Will Get Participants Regarding Their aware the European common Origins, while Maintaining Their cultural diversity and socio-economics Including disadvantaged youth by Volunteering activities, Promoting social inclusion and tolerance, Within the EU Youth in Action Programme Priorities for 2011/2018 years constantly.
All promoters Will Focus on Youth Volunteering and active citizenship problems, cultural diversity, multilingualism, non-formal education in order to Improve Methods Cooperation between youth, to encourage communication and mutual Understanding.

The project is Focused on Promoting Also common values ​​and European Traditions, Contemporary Topics of Interests for Youth, Including Volunteering, Poverty and Social Exclusion, as well as good communication collaboration and fair play through non-formal learning specific activities in order to help youth in growing up with a better self-esteem and self-confidence. During the seven full days of activities + 2 days of trip and accommodation Will We all enjoy learning. We have a team of six promoters (IT, BG, HU, PT, TR, U.S.) with good experience in non-formal education skills and excellent cooperative That Will success of this initiative the ASSURE. We have the support of local Authorities Also in Implementing our activities.

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