joi, 15 decembrie 2011

Books are my friends

Project Books are my friends, was held in Bolu , Turkey , the aim being to promote reading. The initiative came from VALILIGI Bolu, who proposed the subject, because in a survey done among the people of Turkey reesei sad fact that 70% of them do not read even one book a year.
In this project 25 young people participated in countries such as Bulgaria , Italy , Romania , Hungary and Turkey . The theme was read in public and finding passion for reading. All this has led to a pro-active cultural exchange, the foundation of relations and an exchange beneficial for all.
Also during this meeting, each country presented a statistical reading among young people, and he made a brief description that included the organization and region of origin.
In the end we can only do we want as many such initiatives, given that our culture of reading and vocabulary, helps us relax and to translate even for a moment in a wonderful world. So, it would be a shame to miss delicious moments that we can live only ................... reading a book.

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