joi, 15 decembrie 2011


Digital video streaming and multilingualism is a project funded by the European Union, which aims to motivate and train the trainers of teachers and language teachers in particular, to include video production means for teaching and learning.

Initially the research will be to see how it is received video inputs include teaching lessons, if teachers can accommodate the system and are general views. Depending on the results obtained organizers will design a user guide online video means, addressed the needs of teachers entering the teaching-learning methods and non-conventional creative and media samples.

The guide will be divided into three sections as follows:

The first section will include:

-Using video in language learning and acquisition of cultural awareness;
-The use of video resources for language teaching;
-12 Examples of good practice.

The second section of the manual will include:
- Teaching mother tongue that could be shared with other teachers;
-12 Examples of good practice.
-The importance of networking.

The third section of the manual will include:
- How to implement means working with video in the classroom
Technical support and digital video production tools

Campaigns will be workshops in schools and teachers will have the best entries will be awarded. Also there will be a portal Web Divis, which will provide links to online educational portals or language.

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