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Confidence in the future

Project, confidence in the future, was organized by youth-YF Youth & Future, between 5 to 11 September 2010, the Upper Bughea, Arges county. 24 young people aged between 14 and 16, who came from families with difficult material, enjoyed the experience that this program has oferito. In it, children had the opportunity to try various sports activities such as rowing, fishing, climbing and mountaineering applications. They were very open to social activities and capacity building teamwork, activities were conducted by moving sports and specially selected, designed to enhance collaboration, initiative and creativity beneficiaries.

The program included:
- Activities in the field of mountaineering (climbing on board, flying fox, Indian bridge);
- Activities focusing on personal development;
- Field-oriented applications - beneficiaries teams tried to find the field station with compass points and the map;
- Workshop on rural construction - Discussion group on rural construction;
-Free initiative, creativity Team - Team complex challenges;
-Theoretical and practical activities on medicinal plants - a workshop (2 hours) a practical application (2 hours);
-Fishing - experienced to teach and to use the lines;
-Sports Games, surveys;
-Building games and team collaboration.

All activities were conducted in teams, where each member has received special tasks
This project was funded primarily by the National Authority for Youth and Sports and Youth Department of Arges and was done with the help of 13 partners among which the University of Pitesti, Public Service Pitesti Heritage Operations, Save the CHILDREN, municipalities Salatruc, Oarja, Suseni, Mărăcineni and Mihăieşti.

Project Coordinator, Daniel Rosu, Bella chose the Upper Bughea, Arges county as the location for the project. Reasons for choosing this location were: panel artificial climbing, flying fox 150 m long, all of which are crowned with exceptional natural environment.

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