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PROGRAM ACTIVITIES 21 to 29 April 2012 All together for a better world

The project “ALL TOGETHER FOR A BETTER WORLD/ TOȚI ÎMPREUNĂ PENTRU O LUME MAI BUNĂ” has the main goal to develop intercultural learning process and good skills for youngsters – the main European priority for 2011 year.

PROGRAM ACTIVITIES 21 to 29 April 2012

Day 1: April 21:
Arrival / accommodation of participants
Introduction to the atmosphere and accommodation - Pitesti and Bucharest presentation: tips, ideas for spending time, brief history, geographic location, language, food habits (for Cheer-up trying to remember something: hello, thank you, rolls, cake)
Official opening. and brief overview of the project. Providing feedback on participants: general objective, specific objectives, homework project, program activities, other questions.
Interactive games (mimic) for presentation to the participants. Expectations and fears of the project, the group and the organizers. Initial Evaluation: questionnaire began.
It will draw lots which teams will be mixed, for. strengthen citizenship / team and multilingualism.
Welcome party

Day 2: April 22:
Energizer RO
Presentation of participating countries and organizations
(who had the cultural evening will start next day with Energizer, in order to strengthen intercultural learning)
General problems of disadvantaged children in the participating countries. Each promoter present study conducted / theme.
Presentation of how children come in orphanages. Causes and effects of this phenomenon. What measures should be taken to curb this phenomenon, and if everyone knows what examples can give a solution. Citizenship.
Workshop: Solidarity and social inclusion through volunteering: how young people can contribute to a better world in which all children have equal opportunities. The theme is presented by each promoter. Youth will learn non-formal method of abstract generalization.
Workshop: Solidarity and social inclusion through volunteering: how young people can contribute to a better world in which all children have equal opportunities.
Cultural night BG

Day 3: April 23
Energizer BG
Presentation statistics and steps you take each country to improve the situation of children in centers
Overview: What is volunteering - principles, organizations, activities / each country, eg. good practice.
Theatre Forum: Solutions for changing people's attitudes towards disadvantaged children, as can be sensitized public opinion, the dissemination and popularization measures we
Workshop: Defining the concept of making advertising / humanitarian issues to be dealt with to convince people to get involved in the lives of children in centers
Workshop: Making the actual material to be dealt with to convince people to get involved in the lives of children in centers.
Cultural night TR

Day 4: April 24
Energizer TR.
Presentation materials made
Meeting with young people in central St Constantin and Elena C Pitesti. Presenting organizations and youth activities. interactive discussions
Animation street, talking to people / folders sharing project, dissemination activities and project objectives, team presentation. Watch dev. communication and relationship skills of young people.
Workshop. Conclusions about the reactions of the young people came into contact, not liked, that would improve that impressed. What solutions they see to change things.
Meeting with the Department for Child Protection Arges-official position of authorized institutions on the situation of underprivileged children. Young people can have an interactive dialogue.
Cultural night HU

Day 5: April 25
Energizer HU
Invite a group of children in central St. Constantin and Elena run together for the games and activities
on "What it means to be European citizen"
Type icebreaking games
Activities with children: drawing, singing, reading. It will work will be interactive and mixed groups.
Socio-educational animation. Activities with children: drawing, singing, reading. Each promoter will bring materials to promote the region of origin and explain these children is important.
Socio-educational animation. Activities with children: drawing, singing, reading. Offering gifts (albums, books, souvenirs). By experimentation, young people improve their relationships and social skills.
Open space: discussion and conclusions of the day - Park kids, a perfect place for the method of non-formal open space.
Cultural Night IT

Day 6: April 26
IT Energizer
Introduction to art, culture and traditions Arges.
Itinerary historical - cultural intercultural learning. Vlad Castle
Discovering the natural beauty of local - Dam Vidraru
Tradition, history, legend - Arts and Culture. Arges Monastery legend of Master Manole.
Return to Pitesti. Relaxation time
Cultural night EN

Day 7: April 27
Energizer EN
Introduction: The desire to be voluntary. What motivates young people to engage in volunteer activities.
Lived experiences and perspectives of volunteering - examples of good practice. Youth will learn non-formal method of conceptualizing.
Debates on youth projects for young, active European citizenship, volunteering, social inclusion and tolerance / discrimination. Presentation possibilities and Youth in Action program, SALTO, VET and EVE platform.
Workshop: case study on children's center. Decisions and solutions for further activities in this project started.
What type of project could provide a useful follw-up ALL TOGETHER ... The theme for thought. 2 day.
Public cafe: day impressions and intermediate conclusions. Youth will learn to focus on summarizing what was and what remains to be done.
Cultural night POR

Day 8: April 28
Energizer POR
Presentation of how each participant will apply this experience in their countries and how the project will provide the feedback and follow-up.
Arts and Culture Museum Golesti. Outdoor activities, creative games with non-formal education methods for active experimentation.
Open space: outdoor activities, creative games that will use non-formal education methods: concrete experience, reflective observation.
Workshop: Proposal for new projects. Fulfillment / neindeplinirirea expectations. Future hopes.
Creating facebook page and together we will make the project summary and concluding with the announcement of proposals for follow-up.
Feed back to the final project. Mini. Exchange of souvenirs between "secret friends". Awards for different categories voted on by the young. Handing Youthpass, select the most representative moments / photos / memories.
Farewell party

Day 9: April 29:
Official closing of the project
Departure / Airport

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