marți, 7 februarie 2012

EFCA Project - European Citizen Activators Network

YF-Youth & Future Association is involved in a European Citizenship project - EFCA Project - European Citizen Activators Network - 09/01/2012 - 06/01/2013.

- IPRESS, Italy
- MOST ART, Hungary
- YF- Youth& Future, Romania

Objective: establishment of a competence network to reach a new (better) standard of knowledge in the field of citizens participation and development by bundling various knowledge and exerience standards. 

1. National or local workshop with 20 - 25 participants 
2. Set up of virtual communication and data pool (website issues) - the project uses modern technology for the active discussion of topics in the field of citizen activators development and benefits from the internet as an important discussion forum.
3. International Conference Understanding Citizenship in Pitesti, Romania. The individual opinions and results will be collected on the website and will be available to all participants as a basis of discussion in order to hold an international conference in october to etablish European Federation that will facilitate the transfer of know-how and outlast the duration of the project. 

The firts meeting was in Plovdiv Bulgaria on 30 - 31 january.

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